Application information

Application information

Our courses/workshops and our mentoring program are open for all nations, for active and passive conductors and composers as well. We accept passive applications only for the master classes and NOT for the mentor program.

Conductors will work on contemporary ensemble or orchestra repertoire in daily rehearsals and lessons as part of our master courses.
Composers will work on their own compositions together with conductors if required and musicians. Their work will be supervised by Peter Eötvös and other professors, invited for special lectures and training. The programs they develop will also be performed in a final concert at the end of the workshop, with possible other concert opportunities.

Profile of participants: advanced music academy students and young professional conductors, composers.

Age limit: 35 years for active participants (Age limit varies with each course and workshop. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please check the restictions in the announcement of the respective program you wish to apply for.)

Passive participants (auditors) are accepted without age limit, but they should also submit the application form and transfer a passive contribution abount to the Foundation's bank account.

Course language: English, German, French

Application documents required:
- Application form (only online submission is possible)
- Curriculum vitae in English (max. two pages)
- Photo

- Conductors: For program-specific requirements see at the actual announcement.
- Composers: For program-specific requirements see at the actual announcement.

Professors will decide on accepted active participants after the assessment of the application form and material. There is no possibility of doing a personal audition for the master classe. For the mentor program we organise a compulsory audition in Budapest (for details see at the actual announcement). The result of the selection for the master classes will be announced two months before the courses at latest, there could be exceptions.

Passive participants will be accepted upon submitting the online application form and transferring the passive contribution to the Foundation's bank account.

Application deadline and course fees:
See at the actual announcement for each programme.

Accomodation and travel expenses.
The contribution for our courses/workshops does NOT include travel, accommodation and meals. No reimbursement of contribution is possible and partial attendance does not lead to reimbursement. Receipt of payment is provided upon registration at Budapest Music Center or sent by mail in advance if required.

Participants of the mentoring programme will get accommodation with breakfast and travel costs will also be covered by the Foundation.

Every participant has to provide his/her own scores according to the announcement of the program.