Spotlight on Kurtág / Messages of the late R.V. Trussova - WORKSHOP FOR CONDUCTORS

2017.03.31. - 2017.04.09.
Budapest / Royaumont

31 March - 9 April 2017 Budapest / Royaumont


The Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation in cooperation with the Royaumont Foundation announces a master course for conductors between 31 March - 9 April 2017 in Budapest (Hungary) and Royaumont (France). The call is open for conductors of all nationalities. The course is suitable for advanced conducting students and professional conductors with special interest in contemporary music repertoire. (Please note that the course has an extended period in Royaumont focusing on Boulez. You can see the details via the application link.)

PETER EÖTVÖS, conductor and composer (Hungary) in Budapest and Royaumont

JEAN-PHILIPPE WURTZ, conductor (France) in Royaumont


UMZE Ensemble, Budapest, Hungary

Ensemble Linea, France

Special guest:
GYÖRGY KURTÁG, composer (Hungary)

Language of the course: English, German, French, Hungarian

Course program:
György Kurtág: Messages of the late R.V. Trussova

Each participant must provide his/her own scores.

Venue in Budapest: Budapest Music Center (1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.)

Venue in France: Abbey de Royaumont

Up to 6 conductors will be accepted as “active” participants. All the selected active participants travel from Budapest to Royaumont. We ask the applicants to consider that this Kurtág-workshop takes place in Budapest and in Royaumont, it is not possible to skip places. The organisers cover the travel cost of a Budapest-Paris journey. All selected participants conduct at the public presentations.

Application for active conductors only via this link at Ulysses Platform:

The selection will take place based on the video recordings (youtube / video links) provided by the applicants. Regarding the videos, we kindly ask you to send us recordings of rehearsals instead of concerts, and we also recommend choosing 20th or 21st century repertoire for conducting.

Application material for observers: online application form only via and only for the Budapest period 31 March -4 April 2017.

Application deadline: 1 February 2017 (No deadline for observers.)
Confirmation of the active status will be sent until the 15th of February 2017.
Those who are not selected, are also welcomed as observers during the master course. You can apply as an observer until the course starts so if you will not be selected as active, you can re-apply at Concerning the unique program we highly recommend to consider this opportunity as well.


Selected active participants: 500 € (to be paid until 15 March 2017) / 80 000 HUF for Hungarian citizens
Observers: 100 € (to be paid before the course starts) / 10 000 HUF for Hungarian citizens
by bank transfer to the following account:

Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation

Bank name: K&H Bank Budapest
IBAN: HU76 1020 1006 6019 4912 0000 0000

The course contribution includes extra programs: during the course all participants receive tickets for jazz concerts in the Opus Jazz Club in Budapest Music Center and they can take part concerts.

The contribution does include a Budapest-Paris plane ticket, transfer from Paris to Royaumont and back to Paris, accomodation and meals only in Royaumont but not in Budapest.


In total 3 active scholarships are available, applicants should indicate their request on the application form and a recommendation letter must also be enclosed. Please note: we can not accept requests after we close the application process.


31 March Consultation with concert visit at National Gallery
1 April Consultation without orchestra
2-3 April Rehearsals with ensemble and singers
4 April Rehearsal with ensemble and public presentation at BMC Concert Hall
5 April Travel to Royaumont
6-8 April Rehearsals in Royaumont
9 April Public presentation in Royaumont

The conducting sessions and the concert will be recorded on video partially and a short professional documentary film will be available online after the course.

Active participants will receive diploma, observers will receive attendance certificate, signed by all professors.

We are thankful for the support and partnership of Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, National Cultural Fund, Budapest Music Center.

Co-organising partner Royaumont Foundation is supported by Ulysses Network.