Contemporary stories about the cimbalom | mustMEET Composers 2016 - REGISTRATION CLOSED!


1 February 2016 6 PM BMC Library | Public Meeting with music

Special guests: György Kurtág and Peter Eötvös composers

Musicians: Kálmán Balogh, Miklós Lukács, András Szalai (cimbalom)

The opening program of the mustMEET Composers 2016 series offers a special cimbalom mini-concert with virtuoso Hungarian cimbalom players and talks with world famous Hungarian composers who delicately used the cimbalom in thier pieces. Also the figure of Aladár Rácz, clearly the most important cimbalom player of the 20th century, will be evoked: he inspired many and without him the cimbalom’s role would be unthinkable from Stravinsky to Boulez.

Host: Gergely Fazekas music historian

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