Announcement: Out at S.E.A. - 2 chamber operas - 6 composers - World premiere


The chamber opera is based on Sławomir Mrożek’s identically named absurd one-act, though András Almási-Tóth puts the story of people, stuck on boat at sea, onto present day by using the well-known phenomenon of a villa in a reality-show or “survival” show.
In fact, startling of the audience begins already with the opera having six composers instead of one. The Péter Eötvös Foundation for Contemporary Music chose the young composers by way of application, each having the task to compose one of the characters of the opera.
The production, thus coming into existence, is a true international sensation, not only because of its participants from Singapore, Austria, Georgia, Romania, Germany and Hungary, but also because after its Budapest premiere the opera will be performed in Milano, Paris, Brussels and Riga as well.


Out at S.E.A. 123
Gergely Máté BALOGH (Hungary) - THIN
Diana SOH (Singapore) - MEDIUM
Christian FLURY (Switzerland/Austria) - FAT

Out at S.E.A. 456
Koka NIKOLADZE (Georgia) - THIN
Samu GRYLLUS (Hungary) - MEDIUM
Mariana UNGUREANU (Moldavia/Romania) - FAT

Maurice LENHARD (baritone), Szilvia VÖRÖS (mezzo), Zoltán MEGYESI (tenor)
Péter BÁRSONY (viola), Ditta ROHMANN (cello), Horia DUMITRACHE (clarinet)

Conductor: Lin LIAO (Taiwan)
Director: András ALMÁSI-TÓTH